Mount Sackville

Founded in 1864 is the Provincial House and as such hosts Meetings, Gatherings, Training Sessions and related activities.
Since 2000 a HIQA registered Nursing Home offers care to our sisters, returned Missionaries and local residents.
The Community in Mount Sackville, and the Community of Nursing Home Residents are one in many ways – ensuring that the sisters especially have the same community supports that they had all their religious lives.
All benefit from the myriad activities that are part of life in the modern well run Nursing Home – outings, entertainments, visits, educational programs etc.
Mount Sackville has a Cluny Associate Group, hosts Prayer Meetings, and two sisters are involved in Spred, and the Legion of Mary . We ensure that all visitors receive a warm welcome be they sisters from home or abroad, relatives, friends, past pupils and all who are in need of help and support.


Disciples of Jesus and missionaries spreading his word we are eight sisters here in Killiney trying to be faithful and true to the end. Our focus now is more and more on prayer – personal and community – for all people and intentions recommended to us , for all world issues relating to peace , justice and mercy. Deeply concerned about the world we are passing on to future generations , we actively seek to be involved in today’s challenges- right to life , climate change, defence of the truth etc. Living together in community we are women of the Gospel more and more alive to its radical call even as we age.


Cluny House is situated at 1 Beechwood Park, Rathmines.
Originally this house served as a Mission House and accommodated our Sisters and other Sisters from overseas who were home for respite, for studies and for their family holiday in Ireland.
As a community we support the local people by our presence and prayer. The house is a hub for varied ministries. One sister works in overseas development and apart from sourcing much needed finances for Haiti, Sierra Leone, Mozambique she is responsible for training in sustainable development at Congregational level. Sisters work in St Joseph’s Terenure and Beechwood Parish. One sister is primarily responsible for vocations promotion and helps out in our nursing home while another is the Province Archivist.


The main aspect of our Mission is one of Pastoral Ministry in the Parish of St. Luke’s. Apart from our prayer and our presence our aim is to bring Christ’s Message and His Gospel values to the people through our contact with them in their homes and in the Sacramental life of the Parish. Our professional and Apostolic activities are diverse, however we believe that it is essential for each of us, whatever our work, to know that we participate in the Mission of the Congregation and the life of the Parish.
One member of the community is employed in the Faculty of Health, VID Specialised University , Norway ,where, while completing research she is supervising students in our Nursing Homes and Hospitals in India.

St Joseph’s Ferbane

Our location on the Main Street places us at the very heart of the Parish. We have received a precious heritage of service and journeying with the people from the Sisters who have gone before us , a heritage to which we are responding. We try to be sensitive to the needs of the people and to support them by our presence and our prayer.
According to the Gospels and following the example of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, we endeavour to foster our personal and spiritual growth by praying together , by mutual sharing , and by supporting and respecting one another.


We live in community in Girvan on the south west coast of Scotland. The Sisters first arrived in 1879. They were welcomed by the people and ever since the works begun by them have continued. We feel our works depend on our prayer.
We keep contact with the school by visiting each week and help with the preparation of the children for first Communion and Confirmation. Altar servers and readers for Mass are also helped.
We visit the house bound and the sick in care or hospital and bring communion to those who wish to receive.
We run a SPRED group for adults with learning difficulties and look after the Parish sacristy. All our work is done in the spirit shown to us by Blessed A.M.J., our Foundress.