The Will of God

The Spirituality of the Sisters of Saint Jospeh of Cluny is expressed in the ‘Charism’ given to Anne-Marie Javouhey ; a gift from God for the good of the human race.

To know the Will of God and to do it was the guiding principle of Anne-Marie Javouhey; the secret of serenity and fruitfulness of her life

“To do the will of God, surely that is everything.”  We must therefore see it in all things, love to do it and make it loved.

(Constitutions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny).

The search for the will of God takes place in dialogue, discernment and mutual love.

Anne-Marie Javouhey : free to love

Anne-Marie’s life and her letters speak of her intimate union with God, her burning zeal to spread Christ’s love throughout the world and her compassion for the most abandoned.  Her missionary call was founded on the conviction that she was sent by God to free all persons from any type of slavery and restore their dignity as children of God.

Called to be mystics and prophets: Called to liberate…to empower

Following in the footsteps of Anne-Marie, and united with Christ in answer to His call, we share in His mission grounding all our actions in prayer.  Our contemplation is what leads us to announce the Good News, to liberate, empower and promote the dignity of the entire human person.

Our spirituality in action

Our spirituality comes to life through our :

  • Being grounded in our life of prayer, integrity, and total availability
  • Missionary spirit of adaptability
  • Openness to realities and cries of today’s world
  • Discernment of urgent needs
  • Courage to take risks and courage to respond.
  • Deep desire to share God’s liberating love .

Our spirituality defines our identity and our unity. It is the heart of who the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny, called in fidelity to the missionary spirit which animated our foundress, Blessed Anne Marie ,to liberate, empower, and promote the entire human person.